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The Night & Day Worship Series features some of our favorite moments from recent prayer room sets. Throughout the day and the watches of the night, our worship teams play and sing through verses and chapters of the Bible. We call it “Worship With the Word”. Revelation is unlocked, and the beauty of Jesus is revealed as we sing God’s Word back to Him.

The Bible is the inspiration for these songs, and they are filled with the language of Scripture. A 24/7 prayer room creates an atmosphere of God’s presence, and most of these tracks were born in that place.

In addition to our best moments from Worship With the Words sets, this series also includes original songs and well-known Christian classics recorded live at IHOPKC gatherings and events.

This is our signature product and we'll be releasing a new volume most months.

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Sometimes the most powerful moments of worship happen when no one is singing. In those moments, God can touch each heart in the room with a different message as the music plays. 

We call these instrumental times of ministry, "selahs"—  times during our sets when the instruments prophesy as we meditate, ponder, and soak in God's presence. The musicians who serve at IHOPKC are unique. Not only have they spent countless hours playing live sets, but they've given time to cultivate a musical anointing and a deep life in God.

Every month, we'll be adding new tracks including intimate acoustic sessions, moving piano ballads, strings pieces, swellings guitars, and unique spontaneous arrangements.

This section will be updated regularly with different instrumental music styles.

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Streams of Mercy - Album Art.jpg


Prayer is a weapon. Every day we hold six 2-hour intercession sets. Some of our prayer topics include salvation for the nations, Israel’s destiny, the abolition of human trafficking, the ending of abortion, the fatherless, persecuted Christians, and the strengthening of the Church worldwide.

This section will be updated regularly with intercession tracks on different topics.

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Unfiltered, unrehearsed, raw, intimate. These spontaneous worship sessions focus on hearing and capturing God's voice in the moment. With a simple set up and no agenda, each worship leader is free to engage in their devotional worship with God. Every session is one take. Using a single camera, we are able to capture the authentic nature of each experience through film.

Every Friday we upload a new Spontaneum session on our YouTube channel. For our Unceasing subscribers, we also release an exclusive second video+track from the same session.

This section is updated weekly with the last Spontaneum session.