About Unceasing


Every set at IHOPKC is different. As we sing through the Bible and behold the beauty of God, He stirs our hearts. Most of the songs and melodies you’ll hear on UNCEASING are spontaneous, unrehearsed moments that happened during extended times of worship


What is the Lord saying to our generation? We believe there is an invitation for every believer to stand before the Lord, and hear the answer to that question. As we set aside time to minister in the prayer room, we position ourselves to encounter God’s heart and hear His voice.


Every day and every night we sing the Bible. It is the source of our inspiration. It is the foundation of every melody, every chorus, every phrase uttered in our prayer room. As we sing the Scriptures, new revelation is unlocked and the Word of God comes alive.


With 168 hours each week of live worship and prayer, our musicians and singers are constantly engaging their talents, growing in musical excellence, and pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation during worship sets. Anointing and excellence go hand-in-hand.


Prayer is a weapon. Every day we hold six 2-hour intercession sets. Some of our prayer topics include salvation for the nations, Israel’s destiny, the abolition of human trafficking, the ending of abortion, the fatherless, persecuted Christians, and the strengthening of the Church worldwide.


You won’t find this music anywhere else. As an UNCEASING subscriber you’ll have access to curated playlists featuring some of our best content each month. Our playlists are organized based on themes and genres to fit your mood and musical preferences.